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A baby girl in pima cotton outfit sitting next to a flower-filled vase on the floor

Baby Girl

Welcome to our exclusive Pima Cotton Collection for baby girls. Originating from the lush valleys of Peru, Pima cotton is globally celebrated for its unparalleled softness and durability. Dive deep into a range that encompasses everything from delicate rompers and onesies to elegant dresses and sets. Each piece is crafted from this finest Peruvian Pima cotton, ensuring an ultra-soft texture and extended longevity. Designed with your little one's ultimate comfort in mind, our collection not only guarantees a gentle touch but also a chic appearance. Experience a blend of timeless style, quality, and the rich heritage of Peruvian Pima with every outfit. Browse now to find the perfect ensemble for your cherished infant.

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Roses embroidery Footie | Baby GirlRoses embroidery Footie | Baby Girl
Sweet Love Zipper Footie | Baby GirlSweet Love Zipper Footie | Baby Girl
All Bows Dress | White, Baby GirlAll Bows Dress | White, Baby Girl
All Bows Set 2 Pieces | Baby GirlAll Bows Set 2 Pieces | Baby Girl
Seashells Romper | Baby GirlSeashells Romper | Baby Girl
Cherries Dress |  Baby GirlCherries Dress |  Baby Girl
Seashells Dress | Baby GirlSeashells Dress | Baby Girl
Woodhorse Set 2 Pieces | Baby GirlWoodhorse Set 2 Pieces | Baby Girl
Graceful Sailboats Body | Baby GirlGraceful Sailboats Body | Baby Girl
Rabbits print converter  |  Baby GirlRabbits print converter  |  Baby Girl
Rabbits Printed Footie | Baby GirlRabbits Printed Footie | Baby Girl
White Pima Cotton Footie for Baby Girl w Tulip Flowers PrintWhite Pima Cotton Footie for Baby Girl w Tulip Flowers Print - zoomed in
Teddy Bear Embroidery Converter | Baby GirlTeddy Bear Embroidery Converter | Baby Girl
Tulip Embroidery Footie | Baby GirlTulip Embroidery Footie | Baby Girl
Spring Blossoms Footie | Baby GirlSpring Blossoms Footie | Baby Girl
Watercolor Butterflies Footie | Baby GirlWatercolor Butterflies Footie | Baby Girl
Double Love Footie for Baby Girls in WhiteDouble Love Footie for Baby Girls in White - zoomed in
Wooden Pony Toy Embroidery Footie | Baby GirlWooden Pony Toy Embroidery Footie | Baby Girl
Fly Away printed footie | Baby GirlFly Away printed footie | Baby Girl
Pink Crochet Body | Baby GirlPink Crochet Body | Baby Girl
Macaroons and Bows Dress  | Baby GirlMacaroons and Bows Dress  | Baby Girl