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Veronica Sayan, Owner and CEO of LydaBaby

The super-soft Pima Cotton is a staple in the line of baby clothes LydaBaby produces.

LydaBaby was established in 2007 by Ver贸nica Sayan. Veronica鈥檚 inspiration was her beloved, and much admired grandmother, Lyda. Warm, friendly, generous with others, Lyda was fun-loving, well-traveled and always very well-dressed. She was not only Veronica鈥檚 grandmother, she was her hero.

As Lyda was a huge influence on Ver贸nica鈥檚 own sense of style, it seemed only fitting that Veronica honor her grandmother Lyda by naming the company after her. Lyda鈥檚 impeccable sense of style informs every item produced by the company; from the quality of the fabrics chosen, the patterns Ver贸nica designs and the quality of the construction. Ver贸nica ensures that her grandmother would approve of everything LydaBaby produces!

Fundamental to the LydaBaby collection is the exceptionally soft and extremely high quality Peruvian Pima cotton. Having grown up in Lima, Peru, Ver贸nica was well aware of this cotton鈥檚 fantastic and extremely smooth fiber. Grown in northern Peru and harvested by hand, the super-soft Pima Cotton is a staple in the line of baby clothes LydaBaby produces.

LydaBaby delivers baby products that are made to provide the highest level of both comfort and quality. Whether the pieces reflect classic designs or incorporate trendy touches, each piece is a stellar example of design and quality. The soft, fine quality cotton is used as an incomparable base when creating the elegant bodies and sweet silhouettes popular with mothers across the globe. At that point, talented Peruvian artisan women then add聽uniquely beautiful, handmade embroideries. The end result? Certainly something Grandma Lyda could be proud of!

As a result, the company has thrived over the past 10 years. LydaBaby鈥檚 Pima Cotton Collection can be found in boutiques throughout the world, including those found in the US, UK, Russia, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.